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Live the Peaceful Life on Victoria Island

If you’re looking for homes for sale in Nanaimo real estate listings, you may have noticed how close this neighborhood is to what the locals call “Victoria Island”. Before you can step on Victoria Island and feel your tension ease away, you may have to first get rid of the stress brought on by the confusion regarding the name “Victoria Island”. It’s a bit confusing and therefore stressful, but it’s easily clarified.

Explaining the Name

Many people use the term “Victoria Island” for what actually is Vancouver Island according to the official maps. This avoidance of using the term “Vancouver Island” is most likely to avoid confusion with the city of Vancouver. That Vancouver City is in the British Columbia mainland.

The place is called Victoria Island because the capital city of British Columbia is Victoria and it’s found in Vancouver Island. Now that seems simpler, doesn’t it? It does seem that way, but then you have to ignore the fact that there are two other Victoria Island locations in the country!

One of these islands is the huge Victoria Island in the Arctic Archipelago. It’s so huge that it’s bigger than the island of Great Britain. But this Victoria Island is basically deserted, as the last census in 2016 found that there were only 2,162 residents there.

There’s also another Victoria Island in Nunavut, but it’s not really all that well-known. All in all, it’s best if you just say “V.I.” as it’s technically more accurate since it really refers to Vancouver Island.

The Wilderness

Now that you can relax about the name, you can really set your mind at ease once you encounter the VI setting. Its waterfront location is soothing and romantic. It’s definitely gorgeous here, which helps explain why more than 6 million people from all over the world come in to visit each year.

Bring your camera, as there’s no way to overstate the photogenic quality of your surroundings once you arrive. Even in the city of Victoria, you’ll love the garden plants here with lampposts featuring up to 1,500 hanging baskets each summer. Don’t forget to get a look at the famed Butchart Gardens, which you can reach in 20 minutes from downtown Victoria.

The Climate

Part of the reason why people love to live here is that the area offers the mildest climate in the whole country. The climate can be described as sub-Mediterranean, with temperatures in the 20 degrees C range (68 degrees F) during the summer. The offshore breeze in the summer really helps in cooling you off.

In the winter, you’ll rarely have to go through snow covering the landscape, and the temperature hardly ever goes below freezing.

Officially, you can enjoy an average of 2,183 hours of sunshine a year. The rainfall levels are also only half that of what you get in NYC. You’ll enjoy at least 8 months without frost a year.

The People

Another reason why living here in VI is so peaceful and calming is the people. It’s been said that the residents here are quite typically British in character. That is, they’re friendly which helps you to get along with everyone. But they’re also reserved, so they’re not apt to pry into your private business.

The demographic balance is also terrific. The median age in Victoria is about 43 years old. You have plenty of young adults just beginning with their professional lives, while almost 1 out of 5 residents are retirees over the age of 65. Their presence lends a calming effect on the island, and you know that the place is peaceful if senior citizens like it here!

It’s not boring here, as there is plenty of fun stuff to do. But the overall peace and serenity you feel is unmistakable. If you’re looking for a calm place to soothe your nerves, Victoria Island is a great place to visit or live in.

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