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3 Reasons You Will Love Living in South Dakota

South Dakota is one of the most exceptional states in the United States, but remains overlooked for some strange region. In addition to being home to Mount Rushmore, it also has some of the most beautiful wildlife and fauna the country has to offer. It’s also a paradise for outdoorsy types and for small families as well. Here are some of the reasons you should consider relocating to South Dakota.

1. Favorable Business Environment

In 2007, CNN Money ranked South Dakota as the number one place to start a business in the United States. One of the reasons given for such a high ranking was the fact that South Dakota does not have a tax on corporate income, capital gains, or personal income. In fact, Citibank moved most of its national operations to South Dakota in 1981 to take advantage of its favorable business environment.

The economic policies of the state have remained stable over time which is a plus for those trying to establish a business there. Other reasons that make South Dakota such a favorable business environment include the lower cost of energy and a relatively low crime rate.

2. Growth and Diversification

South Dakota has always been an agricultural state traditionally. Some of the products the state produces include soybeans, wheat, and corn just to name a few. Hog and cattle ranches are also widespread within the state.

The state also attracts many ethanol production facilities and meatpacking plants. The service sector is also a significant part of the economy in South Dakota. Sioux Falls, Rapid City, and Aberdeen have lots of potential for growth, especially in the retail sector. You can also target smaller towns such as St. Francis or Rosholt which are largely underserved.

Public service is another major employer in the region. Currently, the second-largest employer in this state is the Ellsworth Air Force Base. The State also has a vibrant tourism sector and the tourism industry in South Dakota is worth $1.4 billion, and still growing.

3. Great for Families

A recent study by Wallethub named South Dakota as the seventh happiest state to live in within the United States. As a matter of fact, it ranked at number six when it came to emotional and physical well-being. It was also number twelve in community living and number 16 in favorable work environments. South Dakota ranks among the top twenty states in all these indexes and number seven overall.

There are many other reasons why South Dakota is a great place to raise a family. The transport and school systems are in excellent condition, which is partly due to South Dakota’s low population compared to other states in the country which puts less stress on the infrastructure.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should consider living in South Dakota. It’s favorable business climate and diverse economy makes it the perfect place for entrepreneurs, and the low crime rate, great infrastructure and great school system makes it the perfect place for young families.

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